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In 2020 I decided to get my health back on track.  There were two major areas of my life I needed to address. My weight and my sleep. I will first talk about my weight.

In 2020 I had ballooned to 330 pounds. I was able to drop 50 pounds. How did I do this?

I have since 2012 gotten into exercise and nutrition with the help of Lisa Eveleth and Ultimate Fitness. I enjoy mixing it up and working out.

Since working full time in Cedar Rapids Iowa I had to change things due to distance.  At first I worked out in a storefront exercise place.  Then I created a workout room in the basement of my house.

Life can change things.  I got a call a few days before Christmas from my sister in Arizona.  My mom was not doing well.  I got on a plane and headed for Arizona.  The schedule and not being where I was normally caused me to abandon my way of eating.  I did not have time to set up for the trip.

Do to the need to bring things back to Illinois I had multiple days in the moving truck and had a limited number of proper meals.  Again, lack of preparation and choice.

When finally returning to Cedar Rapids, I could feel a bit of bloating.  Weight had crept back on. I was able to return to my eating style of the Arbonne chocolate protein shake breakfast, a solid meal lunch, and an Arbonne vanilla protein shake dinner. Then the cold snap hit and all of a sudden my body which now started demand a hot breakfast and supper instead of my supper drink.

I did my first Arbonne 30 day challenge back in May of 2020.The eating method is most enjoyable. I lost 50 pounds.

To address my sleep, I invested in a new bed which include an adjustable frame for raising my head and raising my legs. My sleep became much better as raising my head.

The big sleep change started when I needed new sheets.I found  Mypillow and the cotten Giza sheets from has elevated my sleep to new levels.

March 8, 2021 I did a reset.  I started my Arbonne 30 day challenge.  Follow me on my journey.
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