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There are many types of exercise. Walking, running, playing sports, weight lifting to name a few.  Here are some others to consider: Playing with and walking the dog, mowing the lawn, painting a wall, building a patio, photographing people and scenery. Effectively, things that make you move around.

I have a dog.  I have a yard, two yards to be specific.  I also built a weight room in the basement.

The trick is to do what you have to do and work your exercise into the routine.  This is where winter can be hard.  Winter in Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois offer two main activities in the winter, snow removal and pushing cars out of the snow.  Well, ok, skiing and ice skating also.

In all my years I get the feeling that nature wants the body to rest up for the warmer weather.  I also think that nature wants to add some weight to keep you warm.

That said, it may be necessary to ease yourself back into your exercise.

Here is what I do.  When needing to restart my exercise routine I start by walking the dog.  I start small then extend the trip.  This get the dog in a better mood and starts me into a routine.

I then get back into the weight room and do a variety of weight routines. I will detail those to follow over the coming days and also include some video footage.

This year again will start training to do a 5 k.
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