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How I Feel

How I Feel
This is a running report of how I am doing through the 30 Days to Healthy Living Set 2021.

A quick note before I started both of my 30 Days to Healthy Living Set my weight had gone up and my energy was less than what I wanted. After my first 30 Days to Healthy Living Set in 2020 my energy increased, my sleep was much better, and believe it or not my number 2’s were smaller and consistent.

After that first thirty days I determined that I liked the eating style that I continued and kept it going.

Unfortunately the end of 2020 and then the cold put me backwards. It may be for the better. I will give you a better idea of how my thirty days is going.

Week 1 Weight started at 309 :

I started on a Monday. Breakfast is always easiest as there are not too many interruptions and social eating. My solid lunch Monday was a pork chop and a green salad, the last from the previous week’s lunches. Starting Tuesday was a Turkey vegetable soup. See the eating schedule in the nutrition section.

I started out a bit gassy that week. By the end of the week the gassiness seemed to be dissipated.

On the weekend due to social situations I had solid meals in the evening. I did notice though that I ate a bit less than I had prior to starting the thirty days.

Week 2 Weighed in at 301.
With one exception Week 2 went by quite well from an eating perspective.  With the exception of Friday I was able to get home and had my homemade meals at lunch. The bulk of the week has been a beef stew vegetable soup.  Sunday evening was the only non drink supper of the week.

My energy level is back up.  I am able to stay up later working on things.
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